Friday, October 31, 2014

Cinderella's Closet Clearance

Saturdays are made for________
Brunch Dates
Dining Out
and much much more
For as long as I can remember, growing up in my home, Saturdays were made for cleaning. Bring out the downy, the windex, the broom and the mop. We were changing sheets,  piling laundry bags full of clothes and clearing out closets. Till this day the routine stays with me as well as the fresh smell of 'Fabuloso', the Latino man's Pine Sol. And after suffering a week long of tossed clothes, piling papers on my work desk and trash bin, it is my opportunity to start fresh. Clean room, clear mind. 

This past Saturday in particular was focused on clearing out the closet. Every few months my closet goes through a thorough assessment in which bags of clothing, handbags and accessories are folded away and handed down to those who will use and are in need of them. From the pieces that have not been worn in over a year, to the too drab to resurrect, every item is evaluated. After all is refolded, tossed and bagged away, usually my giveaways are a tote size full of items. This is the second donation I've made to Goodwill in a month and that's not to brag.

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Sitting alongside the bags of clothing for donation - a separate bag of newly tagged, unworn items still good for resale of which I usually list on eBay or sell off at local consignment shops. One of the pieces, a striped sequins dress, purchased on a whim not love and maybe even more based on envy after seeing it posted on pinterest. Glaring at it as it hanged on my window rod for weeks on end, my boyfriend couldn't help but state, 'I really want to burn that thing'.  And to be honest, I think I was starting to feel the same.

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Clearing out the closet is not a simple effort to eliminate the skeletons or to make room for an individual's hoarding habits. Its humbling, it is a reminder of my subtle vanities, my over abundance in the midst of my cries for not having enough, it is evidence of the pressures that I have succumb to as a blogger, as a female, as someone with titles to uphold, and often as a result of culture. 

It brings me back to the core values and helps to assess the real necessities, the real issues, the lingering insecurities that have fed themselves in more ways than one. Not to say I will never again fall victim to an exploding wardrobe but rather that the layers of my motives are peeled away with every bag that is dropped into a bin.

All those must haves suddenly not so necessary.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Latina Soy! A Tribute To WaHi

There’s no city like my city and better yet, no neighborhood like my neighborhood. Growing up in Washington Heights is nothing like you see on an MTV show. There’s so much more culture, diversity, ideas, art and yes, fashion. From the guys in socks and slippers to the girls in the tightest of tights its a ground for learning lessons, inspiration and aspirations. Here, I was born and raised with a heart of values that stem beyond the very oxygen that travels through my lungs. Though my style was nurtured by the streets of SoHo it was born in this Dominican community where almost everybody knows your name, your cousin or is your cousin. Culture makes you, breaks you, teaches you love and hate but after the dust has settled the results are sweet. Though I cringe at tacky styles and unattended details, I owe my thanks to the place where my faith was born, my love for fashion was awakened and my dreams were carved. To the ladies with rollers, baggy fitted jean fellows, the pot smoker, the liposuction diva, the bakery owner and more, you have molded me without your knowledge. I love you, I hate you, above all I cherish you. Latina Soy! From the sultry strut to every beat of my style, these are the very roots that form a part of my chic tale.

Photos Courtesy of Mario Manoly

(Shoes: Shoedazzle, Leggings: Zara, Jacket: ASOS, Leather Jacket: Hudson, 
'Wash Hts' Hat: Peralta Project)