Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Boot

Every year when the summer season comes to a close, my feet put up a fight. After months of open toe sandals, pedicures and strappy heels full of warm memories, the brisk air of fall leaves nothing more than an indication that the footsie party is over. Easing back into closed shoes, I've worn some faithful slip ons and alternate in a pair of vans but once the tantrum is over, in come the boots. I've compiled a list of some of the top contenders that have left a print on my mind and reserve a space on my wish list. While this is not a motivational post for the impulse shopper, it is a starting grid for those looking to switch things up to tackle the holidays and more.

1. The Western Bootie 
Easily transitioning from one style to the next this bootie is not exclusive to those out in the country. From ponchos to sleek skinny jeans, skirts and shorts, the price you'll pay for this pair will certainly be surpassed in the uses you will get throughout the season.

2. The Flat 
If you're not fond of heels, this is the pair for you. Every girl should own one pair for the everyday use. Running errands, lunch date with friends, movie night, you name it, these will simplify the options when you're looking to keep things casual.

3. OTK 
There is something magical about a pair of boots that go over the knee. Wear it with a pair of skinnies, a skirt, shorts or a short dress, it will always make your legs look amazing. The trick is in the length of the partnering pieces. If you plan on being under the knee modest, you can skip this option.

4. The Shimmer 
Once in while I come across a piece that goes against my usual classic choice and reveals my inner hippie. There are other times when I shop with my close friends in mind, choosing pieces that remind me of aspects in their personal style that I love so much. This shimmery pair reminds me of one and she is in fact a hippie. They're perfect for switching things up, taking a stab at the unexpected and introducing a new layer of fun to the everyday bootie.

5. The Wedged Bootie
Don't want to settle for flats all the time but you're not up for the full experience of the heel? The wedge may be your happy medium unless of course it goes beyond 5 inches in height. 

6. Western OTK
I actually wore this exact pair last Saturday for a day of multiple celebrations, from an early anniversary date to late night dinner for a friend's birthday. Just a disclaimer, for those of you who watch in amazement of my fondness of heels, I never go past 3 hours in a pair of heels without taking a break or giving in to flats. If I wear heels, its all calculated timing, 70-80% sitting, 10-20% standing. But this pair has kicked my world upside down, boot wise. After hours of treading in these boots, I was still going with a single pain. Why? Chunky heel. Gives you more support, relieving some of the weight that comes down on the heel of your foot.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn's Bordeaux

I never attended any fancy private schools or had the honor of wearing a uniform long enough to figure out the tricks for spicing up the everyday prison like wardrobe, but this outfit makes me feel like a school girl. Like a fresh bag of Cheetos at the age of 26, outfits can evoke memories, emotions, inspire and shift an entire perspective. As ironic as it may seem I'm not always as fashionably care free as I appear in these posts. Experiences companied by fears and uncertainties have often convinced me to play it safe on a day to day, adding more layers to my wardrobe than the unsorted pile that lingers over a mangled, unaddressed heart. I understand now in midst of such mess how convenient it is to give life to an alter ego through music, art or even in the form of a blog. But, like a young girl with the world before her, having no sense of limitation or culture pressures demanding unattainable standards in exchange for acceptance - I'm seeing the world from a whole new angle. Taking a hint from nature's beauty in the changing leaves of the fall, I too have a new season to face and new beginnings to seize. Safety can exit stage left, enter freedom.

(Shirt: Gap, Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Shoedazzle, Shoes: Aldo, Leather Jacket: Hudson, 

Photos by Penelope Tirado