Friday, November 14, 2014

[FOODIE FRIDAY] Bacon.Lettuce.Tomato

For most people the frenzy stops on a Friday at 6pm but for me, the scurry only begins as the  weekend makes an entrance. Sundays begin with early morning service and end with evening's dinner. What seems like a shift on a day of rest is far from it when you're enjoying an all day feast of the heart and tummy. 

On these nights you can find me cozied up in a corner on a tufted leather banquette under soft, dimmed lighting. Moved by the sounds of the latest and some unfamiliar tracks as mouth watering scents escape from the chef's kitchen. This is the spot! Introducing patrons to the newest of local beers, celebrating the entrepreneurs who make and serve the community. With a menu full of favorites from wraps to sandwiches, fries and espresso delights, the number of options can draw any foodie back to the table. Dyckman's The Park View brings a new vibe to the familiar feels of a cafe restaurant. 

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This Sunday came with bacon and a curveball. Tending to our usual routine we finally decided on our dishes. For me, it was a delicious BLT(bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich, the beau settled for the infamous Park View Wrap. The excitement seemed short lived as the waitress informed us that the kitchen was out of fries (DUN DUN DUUUN!). THIS was serious matter as I have a deeply seeded obsession with potatoes, never mind the fact that I dislike chocolate.

It took more than a few seconds to regain consciousness as I blanked at the thought of replacing fries but making the best out of tough situation we accepted the challenge and decided on different sides. Let's be serious, when you love the establishment, learn the names of those serving you and make it a point to visit weekly, walking out over a shortage seems silly.

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Now, back to the food. My BLT was slamming [yummy, delicious, porkalicious, you can't go wrong with this bite, nutritious!]. On the side I got a tomato soup that tasted more like pasta sauce, not my first choice nor one I'll choose in the future but it made due given the circumstances. 

Next up, the wrap. You can never go wrong with the Park View Wrap, loaded with grilled chicken, onion, lettuce, tomato, bacon, spicy dijon and swiss in a whole wheat tortilla. Paired with a side of mashed potatoes, one odd combination in my opinion but nonetheless a fluffy decision that caters to heart of any potato lover.

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In spite of the unforeseen kinks (potato shortage in the land) there was dinner to enjoy. We laughed over memes, shared thoughts over the food that feeds our hearts and the possibilities of the future. I will never cease to believe in the power and joys that come of enjoying a good meal. Fancy or not, at the dinner table, good food meets nourishment of the soul. Thank goodness for a carpenter.

Visit Park View Cafe @ 219 Dyckman St, New York, NY 10034
Follow the food on Instagram @theparkviewcafe

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

[STYL'D] Castros' In Ireland

A few weeks back, good friend and amazing calligrapher/photographer, Liz Castro [One of the many talented people I have been blessed and privileged to know. You need to check her stuff out!], reached out seeking styling advice.

In midst of prepping for a vacation to Ireland, Liz and her husband were looking to revamp their wardrobe and buy some key pieces for a holiday photo shoot taking place over the green acres of this beautiful foreign land. After exchanging ideas over many-a-collages of combinations from sneakers to booties, leathers, denim and more, the pair finally decided on the looks they loved most. But from concept to execution more often than not, the vision changes. Faced with a number of unplanned dilemmas from sizing problems to the loss of an item on a plane, what seemed like the perfect game plan was suddenly coming apart at the seams. Yet, when life throws a curveball, the things that matter most take center stage. Undeterred by the obstacles before them, Liz and Ray took from what they loved most in the original suggestions to supplement and incorporate what was true and fitting to their overall style given the unforeseen circumstances. They also took the advice a step further, creating a matching second look of their own, making their photos all the more personal and unique.

All in all, dilemmas were but a tiny hurdle in light of the opportunity to explore a new country together and embrace creation for its creator. Moments like these make me feel honored to play a role in a now beautiful memory.

Photographer: Conor Doherty 
For more on the Castro holiday photos see Liz's blog