Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Latina Soy! A Tribute To WaHi

There’s no city like my city and better yet, no neighborhood like my neighborhood. Growing up in Washington Heights is nothing like you see on an MTV show. There’s so much more culture, diversity, ideas, art and yes, fashion. From the guys in socks and slippers to the girls in the tightest of tights its a ground for learning lessons, inspiration and aspirations. Here, I was born and raised with a heart of values that stem beyond the very oxygen that travels through my lungs. Though my style was nurtured by the streets of SoHo it was born in this Dominican community where almost everybody knows your name, your cousin or is your cousin. Culture makes you, breaks you, teaches you love and hate but after the dust has settled the results are sweet. Though I cringe at tacky styles and unattended details, I owe my thanks to the place where my faith was born, my love for fashion was awakened and my dreams were carved. To the ladies with rollers, baggy fitted jean fellows, the pot smoker, the liposuction diva, the bakery owner and more, you have molded me without your knowledge. I love you, I hate you, above all I cherish you. Latina Soy! From the sultry strut to every beat of my style, these are the very roots that form a part of my chic tale.

Photos Courtesy of Mario Manoly

(Shoes: Shoedazzle, Leggings: Zara, Jacket: ASOS, Leather Jacket: Hudson, 
'Wash Hts' Hat: Peralta Project)

Monday, October 27, 2014

"A change gonna come, oh yes it will " - Sam Cooke

When I first started this blog it was with the intention of motivating a good friend to pursue that which she was passionate for, fashion. I, at the time was exploring my love for design, specifically within the events industry. The blog, formerly named Bridges to Glam, felt like an opportunity to thrive within worlds where she and I both lacked proper certifications to validate our passions. Our majors were far from the creative. But beyond that, the ideas and potential possibilities for what we envisioned the platform to become seemed more like a bonding experience outside of our ten years of friendship. Sadly enough, that dream never took off, having different views and priorities we both went our separate ways. Unbeknownst to me, the idea of this virtual diary had seeded itself in my heart. Whether my friend was in for the dream or not, I was clearly sold on its beauty before it officially became A Chic Tale.

The last two years of writing and posting for this platform has given me more life than I planned for, more lessons than anticipated and in an ironic twist, has taught me more about myself through a love of fashion that was only secondary. Now, onto phase two. The logo's tagline has always read 'Fashion. Love. Forgiveness'. Up until now, I've only been sharing on the fashion aspect but what would happen if I ruffled some feathers by touching on the subjects of love and forgiveness? Sharing with you the very things that inspire and motivate this short human being. From the love of photography, food, places traveled, inspirational messages shared and more. A Chic Tale is not just a fashion blog or a personal style blog, it is a lifestyle recorded at the stroke of every key. Here is my version of events, the world as I see it.

To the spectators, new and former readers, I hope you will all continue to travel on this journey with me, that the many stories shared here may serve as advice from a friend, inspiration from a stranger or simply as a call to live life.

Photos by Penelope Tirado