Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn's Bordeaux

I never attended any fancy private schools or had the honor of wearing a uniform long enough to figure out the tricks for spicing up the everyday prison like wardrobe, but this outfit makes me feel like a school girl. Like a fresh bag of Cheetos at the age of 26, outfits can evoke memories, emotions, inspire and shift an entire perspective. As ironic as it may seem I'm not always as fashionably care free as I appear in these posts. Experiences companied by fears and uncertainties have often convinced me to play it safe on a day to day, adding more layers to my wardrobe than the unsorted pile that lingers over a mangled, unaddressed heart. I understand now in midst of such mess how convenient it is to give life to an alter ego through music, art or even in the form of a blog. But, like a young girl with the world before her, having no sense of limitation or culture pressures demanding unattainable standards in exchange for acceptance - I'm seeing the world from a whole new angle. Taking a hint from nature's beauty in the changing leaves of the fall, I too have a new season to face and new beginnings to seize. Safety can exit stage left, enter freedom.

(Shirt: Gap, Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Shoedazzle, Shoes: Aldo, Leather Jacket: Hudson, 

Photos by Penelope Tirado

Friday, October 17, 2014

Lifestyles of the Broke & Creative

'Es que tu tiene el arte' - Ada

New York City, a hub for the creative - the artist, singer, planner, designer & far more. Where it's common to find people of multiple professions whether its out of necessity, greed or simply because the choices for exercising one's talent are endless. So no need to be perplexed when I say that I assist as an event coordinator by day, design events on the side and blog away to my heart's content in between.  My mother always said that the art was in me and looking back at my history it has always been forged over my heart.  Danced ballet for eight years since the age of 4, attended one of NYC's top performing art high schools for vocal training, moved onto one of the city's best business schools for marketing, only to discover a love for event planning and design in my junior year of college. No matter how far I run or appear to deviate from the path, creativity ensues and proves king over my story. 

In the last three weeks I've had the privilege of designing some friends' wedding. Celebrating the union of two on a limited budget that begs to be wowed, and where there is a creative challenge, I'm all in. So I threw on some on-the-go pieces, denim shorts, cargo jacket, Goya bag for my magic beans and comfy boots for the hunt. Cruising through the city's flower district, I explored the shops I love, full of nature's flowers, supplies and trinkets. These are the moments that bring me back to the love of all art form, fashion included.

Photos by Penelope Tirado
Taken in NYC's Flower District at Jamali Garden