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CHIC [SHēk/] adjective - elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

TALE [tāl/] noun - a fictitious or true narrative or story, especially one that is imaginatively recounted.


Defined by its respective terms, A Chic Tale is an elegantly and stylish [true] narrative, recanted from an imaginative perspective. It is a collection of stories - experiences from a second generation Latina discovering life through the cultures that have influenced, the faith that's raised her, and the passions that have ensued from those core values.

 Launched in 2012 as a creative outlet amongst friends, the platform quickly turned solo journey, one that continues to unravel its chapters till this day. From phases of faith centric entries to purely fashion and now lifestyle, the platform has seen its many changes yet all would not be in vain. For if you've ever looked back at an old photo the sight of your choices then will often produce a cringing reaction when seen now, but the role of that past will forever be evidence in the growth possessed today and the same value can be applied to this interactive diary.

A Chic Tale's style has been highlighted by several publications and well known brands. Nominated and awarded in Latina Magazine's Style Wars: Outfit of The Year 2014. Featured by the former Piperlime brand on #MomentsofChic, Shoedazzle's May 2014 Newsletter, Baublebar's August 2014 Newsletter as well as a special, summer bridal segment featuring Motives Cosmetics and gowns by Ines di Santo on the esteemed Black Bride Magazine.


The Author

My name is Cindy Mancebo, writer & creator of A Chic Tale. Professionally I serve as a Social Media Manager for a product brokerage firm as well as an Event Coordinator & Designer for a boutique events company. I am all but a 26 year old human with a relentless passion for writing, driven by a defined purpose for living. I enjoy food, fashion, food, music, FOOD, travel and all that traces back to the imprint of an impeccable creator.  Born and raised in New York City, I am a second generation Latina, bred of  Dominican descent and raised by American culture. Merging the traditional values of one against the modern race of another is a never ending novel I intend to embrace and can't help but share. From the aspects that impact my style choices to the very experiences molded by modernity, this is life laid bare on 'paper'. Hopefully it inspires you to change the world, for the better.