Monday, March 24, 2014

You're Such a Square

We are notorious for fearing change and unfamiliarity. A fear so great that when a new wave of hearts start to surface in our society we cope by labeling. Like the tags on our clothing we categorize what's different and separate it from styles to keep our world intact. If I've learned anything at the age of 25 it is that the world is balanced by different styles of people. Conventional versus unconventional, hippie versus the square, traditional versus modern. In all groups there is one that demands to know the why behind all actions while the other simply accepts without objection but one without the other makes for a world of chaos. 

If I were a little less inclined to demand why in all circumstances I would have less moments of pride, more moments of honoring others and less inclined to judge another's style. Fashion related or not, learn to embrace the differences that surround you as it all exists with purpose. 

(Cape: ChicWish, Pants: Old Navy, Gingham Shirt: JCrew, Earrings: BaubleBar, Rings: Forever21
Glasses: Aldo, Knee High Boots: Aldo)